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We are glad to announce that we are hosting another referral contest with great prizes. We will give away awesome prizes to the top 3 members with most referrals this month.

Your referral link can be found here:

Top referrers can be seen here:
*Admin is not counted towards the top 3 referrers*

In order to get active referrals your referrals needs to exchange 100 times before they are counted as active referrals.

Tips on how to get referrals:
1. Upload Youtube videos on how to get subscribers/likes/views/followers etc.
2. Post tutorials on different forums on how to get subscribers/likes/views/followers etc.
3. Use the Share and Email a friend tools on our website.

1. 2000 points + 30 days free VIP
2. 1000 points + 15 days free VIP
3. 500 points + 10 days free VIP

Contest will end on December 16!

What are you waiting for? Share your referral link with your friends and participate in the contest!

Good luck to everyone!
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